A New Year Wish…

The last days of this year – 2009 had me thinking. Is the thought of ushering in a New Year as exciting to each and every one of us? May be not. Forgive me for departing from the old tradition of posting witty 4 liners – I have made an exception here – and promise to shift the following poem to another page in a few days…

The New year is just another year
Ask the man who has no shelter
One more winter without a roof
One more summer in which to swelter

One more year without any food
One more year of that racking cough
New Year may be a great thing for us
But for the poor man it is quite tough

He prays that God grant him luck
And enough water for a daily bath
Enough speed-breakers to slow those cars
So he may sleep safely on the footpath

He prays that God give him some food
Just a few morsels to fill his tummy
His need is to fill his stomach every day
He doesn’t crave for food that’s yummy

Forgive me friends if I have spoilt your mood
If I have deprived you of some laughter
But even a poet who writes humorous lines
Has to think of the life hereafter…