Booty Queen!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall
I know I am The Fairest Of All
But Now I Will  Keep You At Bay
And  Check Facebook 10 Times A Day!!


Net Effect!

I hate it when the Internet acts up
Without the slightest warning
I have been trying to access my mail
Right since yesterday morning

Charge Of The Light Brigade!

They pack so many apps into a phone
Yet phones aren’t getting any larger
Now why doesn’t some one start work on
Creating a smaller Charger…

X Effect…

Those days are not far away
When the cameras on your phones
Will take photocopies of your documents
And X-Rays of your bones…

Square Deal?

Inventions don’t match
And inventors don’t care
Camera lenses are round
But photographs are square!

Class Monitor?

Time to buy an LCD monitor
My old monitor is on the blink
Today, monitors are getting larger
While their prices have begun to shrink…

Celliberation Time!

The cellphone is a useful tool
I realise it more than ever
I set reminders for my anniversary
Now ain’t I real clever?!!

The Millionheir

A self styled Internet Marketing Guru
Sends me spam that always hollers
“For 10 bucks I promise to show you how
To earn a million dollars!”

An Apple A Day

One thing that amazes me
And it’s something I can’t grapple
Is how they constantly innovate
And introduce new products at Apple

Blogger’s Log

Ever since
I started this blog
All I have done
Is slog and slog…

Out Of Bounds

A man’ s home is his castle
He will protect it with fervour
The same applies to our computer room
That houses the office server…


Shopping on the internet
Is aptly called e-Shopping
Then why is ‘surfing the Internet’
Not aptly called e-Hopping?


I have a computer printer
That takes up too much ink
Each time I want a printout
My heart begins to sink…

Pest Control

Be warned – computer owner
You simply have to hire us
For a tidy sum we promise
To remove that pesky virus!

Merry Go Round!

My unsuspecting boss thinks I am at work
While I am at a party, making merry
All those busy looking emails to him
Are being sent from my new Blackberry!

Hold On!

Thank you for calling XYZ
You happen to be in Queue
The patient men may Dial 1
The Quitters may Dial 2

Password Please!

A password for my ATM
A password for my plumber
Hasn’t today’s man become
A mere six-digit number???


I would once trudge to libraries
Now I am a bit more frugal
All I need is a few key words
And I get what I want – on Google!

I Seek You!

Find long lost friends easily
Share memories, sweet and bitter
All you need is simple tools
Like Facebook, Orkut & Twitter

Love At First Site!

This was written during the first dotcom boom/bubble, when some investors were blindly betting on dotcom companies

Cupid’s arrow struck the investor
He asked her “Where are you from?”
Coyly she replied “Does it matter sir?
My surname is Dotcom!!”

Cheque Mate!

E-commerce may not take off
I’ll tell you why it will fail
It’s a wee bit tough, to tell a guy
“Your cheque is in the Email”

A Technologist’s Oath

Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
Every 6 months
Obsolescence is a must

Ryze & Shine!

This was posted by me on Ryze – a networking site

Bit by bit & hit by hit
I’ve been Ryzing to the occasion
Thank God, no one’s asked me for
My Age, Sex & Location!!!