Enter At Your Own Risk!

Thank you for dropping by! I would have given this blog a different title – maybe Mindless Meandering! Do not expect anything heavy or serious, or for that matter, anything romantic.

I don’t know if you agree with me – we need to look at life with a sense of humour (so what if it is wry) – and on occasion – laugh at ourselves, our follies and our foibles! This is exactly what you can expect out here. A suggestion – do read the title or the header, ¬†followed by the poem – because the header is a part of the message.

Hopefully this is just what the doctor ordered – poems that make you laugh! So just loosen up and then read these…at your own peril of course!

Ajoy Vakil

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Call Centre IVR

Now that you are here by accident
How can we let you go?
Dial 1 for an eternal wait
Dial 2 for a wait more slow!

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting this world of rhyme! These poems/4 liners were written by me when there wasn’t much else to do. Many of them are topical. I hope you enjoyed them. Many people have asked me where they can find poems that make you laugh! I hope this site has been of use to them. I would really appreciate it if you could post your comments on this blog.

And do visit this blog often – I will be posting at least 1 poem a day!

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I have also reproduced some lines that I have written for brochures and advertisements.

Should you need me to write a poem, a witty line, a slogan or a headline for you Рmaybe for an upcoming  presentation, a brochure, a song that you are producing, or an advertisement, please feel free to contact me (by posting a comment out here)

Needless to say that the poems in here are copyright. Should you need to reproduce any one poem on your site or publication, please do so after contacting me (by posting a comment out here) and providing a back-link to this page.

Happy Reading!

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