The Little White Lie!

I wrote this  for my niece, residing in Tokyo,  when her school gave her a strange assignment – a poem on “Lies”

In the midst of my exams
When I was trying my best to study
I got a call from none other than
My favourite childhood buddy

She asked me this, She asked me that
She asked me how I was
There was no way I could shut her up
Or even get her to pause

Time just flew, I had much to do
So I blamed the telephone line
“Much as I would like to talk to you”
I said – “I cant hear you fine”

I shouted into the mouthpiece then
Yelled – “can you hear me dear”
“Ouch” she said, “what was that
You nearly hurt my ear!!!”

“The line” I said, “the telephone line
There seems to be some trouble
Sometimes I can’t hear you at all
And sometimes I hear double”

“Fine” she said, “in that case
I will call you some other day”
I felt bad, for I had lied to her
But that was the only way!!!


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