The Inter-whew!!!

This was a poem I wrote when I had just completed my 2 year MBA programme (1987). The poem is about a young man who at the end of his 2 year MBA programme attends a placement/job interview and narrates the experience to his eager classmates who want to know what happened in the interview :.


They asked me what

I had done in these years

I said “Good work”

And they broke in cheers

They asked me what

I was now planning

I said, “At present

Environmental scanning”

They asked me how

I had drawn that sample

I said “Who cares?

The respondents were ample!”

They looked at me and said

“But managers are smart

You look all harrowed

All torn apart”

I smiled to myself and said, Dear sirs

“These have been 2 years of thunder

And lightning and rain

2 years of struggle

And 2 years of strain


“2 years of assignments

Of sitting in class

Of test after test

Of just hoping to pass

“Of answering questions

That have no answer

2 years of shuffling

Like a Mexican dancer”


The interview panel

Just jumped up with joy

“This is what we offer

To the people we employ!”

“Come hither!” they said,

“Join our unending train

Of bosses and losses

And struggle and strain!!!”


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